Who we are

Re-Organic was established early 2016 in Fredrikstad, Norway. The company was founded on the idea to combine waste organic fibers with plastics to create new building materials. Waste materials from the wood and furniture industry is easy to come by, and plastic materials even easier. The team already had experience in this field, as Stein Dietrichson (COO) had already made prototypes of building products of wood filled plastics as early as 1998. Unfortunately, the Scandinavian market was not ready for these products at the time, so the project was stopped. Re-Organic decided to give it another go, but now focused on developing materials from recycled plastics and other fossil lean polymer solutions with less CO2 footprint. Through our extensive networks we obtained an operating organization with highly skilled and dedicated people.

Late 2017 we paired up with serious players in the plastic-, wood-fiber- and pulp industry. The goal has been to develop thermoplastic fiber composite materials based on polyolefins and other polymers. Through extensive research and several trials with our partners, we have linked up to technology which delivers competitive machinery which meets our future high-quality needs. Re-Organic also paired up with our sister company Re-Turn AS, also located in Fredrikstad. This valuable cooperation gave us a partner with 15 years of broad experience within developing, testing and marketing coatings of all kinds of polymers. Together with Re-Turn we can do quality testing and documenting every aspect of tasks Re-Organic takes on.

As of 2019 we are still growing strongly within our scope, both as a company and as a partner in new areas of lean polymer solutions. Currently our staff consists of 8 highly connected and skilled people, with associated partners both in Germany and Sweden. You can read more about them here.