Business development

Business development is defined as the creation of long-term value for a company from customers, markets and people. This is where Re-Organic can give you support. Our personnel have unique experience from different angels of energy, building materials and other areas. We have a documented history developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between markets and organizations.

Re-Organic uses all our combined experience to focus on an environmentally balanced future. The future has a need of developing safe use of plastic materials both for consumers and manufacturers. We be aware that plastic as such is not the problem. It is how it is used, and how it is then taken care of. Plastic is an amazing material with fantastic properties! It is crucial in everything from mechanical applications to health equipment. By replacing traditional materials, such as metal, with plastics, we can reduce carbon footprint while still maintaining their mechanical properties. It is safe to say plastics are, and should continue to be, a part of our environment, our community and our way of life.

With our knowledge and competence, we can help assist how plastic is viewed. By developing better materials, and upgrading skills and procedures, plastics can be safer than ever. We can help you see the possibilities in the markets and help you organize your processes to change the image of plastics today.

At Re-Organic we are optimistic for the future of plastic development. Plastic itself is still a fast-growing commodity, and the communities are growing as well. If you are one of the players who also see the possibility for the betterment of plastics and your position in market, we would like to hear from you. Let’s see if we can’t make a change towards better fossil free and lean polymer solutions. Contact us here.

Circular economy

The Norwegian Center for Circular Economy (NCCE) was founded in 2018 after an initiative from the COO of Re-Organic, Stein Dietrichson, at the annual Ora Conference in Fredrikstad in 2016. The Ora industrial area has a long history in using waste products from various industries for useful products in new businesses, as well as turning waste into heat and energy/steam.

Taking care of waste materials and unused recourses has been on Re-Organic’s agenda since our foundation in 2016.  The original plan was to use several 1000 tons of MDF powder (medium density wood fibres) mixed with recycled plastics for decking material products.

Today NCCE is an active organisation helping Norwegian industry to utilize more of the waste products which today ending its life far too early. An example here is a NCCE project helping a cable recycler to reuse plastics insulation materials from cables. Re-Organic is an active member of NCCE using them as consultants in various important projects related to circular economy and making waste material into new and useful products.

Dr. Joachim Karthäuser, a major shareholder in Re-Organic, has also been active in recycling and major energy projects. His heat power invention in Climeon ( converting low temperature waste heat to electricity, has already been accepted in the shipping- and geothermal market. Iceland has already ordered 100 units producing 1,5 KW each from hot water which would otherwise go to waste.

Re-Organic will in the coming years continue to be focusing circular economy related to recycling of plastics and developing better materials. We will also as well keep searching for solutions to reduce plastics waste on land and in the oceans.